Shell Ginger Plant

Alpinia Zerumbet


Shall Ginger Plant(Alpinia zerumbet) is a tender herbaceous perennial plant species of the ginger family cultivated for its attractive flowers and foliage, which makes it a beautiful indoor as well as an outdoor houseplant. This plant is native to tropical eastern Asia is with a variegated cultivar native to India. This plant grows upright in form of clumps of stems and leaves. Its stems are slightly arching with evergreen leaves. Leaves are dark green, lance-shaped and up to 2 feet long. The shape of the leaf is long and narrow, pointed like an arrow, and patterns on it are a beautiful mix of Green and yellow (also light green) diagonal stripes from the axis of a leaf. This species can grow up to 3 to 10 feet tall. For best results grow this plants in rich, moist soil with lots of organic matter in full sun to part shade. It requires frequent watering so that the soil should not get dry.

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